Hello Unapologetic Warriors. I know you are thinking, Unapologetic Warrior what in the world is that?! Well it’s you. We all have battles we are fighting all while trying to find ways to love ourselves. Some of us may have lost ourselves in relationships, jobs, and life all while trying to balance multiple hats including mamahood. I know there are plenty of blogs that talk about the ins and outs of life but none of them are my life. Unapologetic Kinkz is about my experience as a friend, lover, mama and overall melanin goddess on a journey to love me.

After going to college and failing, miserably, in all aspects of life, I began to think I didn’t have too much of a purpose. I hit rock bottom and my passion for everything had been diminished by my ability of not being able to cope with defeat. It took years to understand that my journey was just that, my journey. I’ve spent much time comparing myself to other people.  It wasn’t until I focused on myself and began to understand that without my struggle I wouldn’t appreciate my progress. I am beyond grateful for my struggles, my depression, my failure. All those test gave me a testimony. Something to share. I entitled this blog Unapologetic Kinkz because I am unapologetic about the “kinkz” or obstacles I’ve overcome.

 I am not ashamed of anything that has happened in my life and I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made. I created this blog in hopes to share a story, my story. My story, my experience and my journey in this ridiculously, spontaneous world. I have always wondered what my divine purpose was and how I could be the change I so desperately wish to see. Maybe this is it. I’ll never know unless I give it a try. I am a melanin goddess with all kinds of kinkz but I am learning to wear them pridefully and gracefully.  Welcome to my life!

Unapologetically Me,